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Continuous Improvement Director

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  • Location Chonburi
  • Job Type Permanent
  • Reference JOB

Continuous Improvement Responsibilities:

The CI Director will create a strategic design for operational performance to make our client's organization consistently the best amongst its competitors. Creating continuous improvement in road maps, such as adjusting processes to reduce waste, improve quality, and maximize human potential.

This CI Director will be involved in setting the organization up for growth by understanding what the market wants and creating an uninterrupted value stream that always feeds the need, even if it changes.

The CI Director will not be confined to the executive suite or the factory floor, he/she will be involved with every person at every level of the organization because every role is doing something that brings value to our client's customers.

Connexus Global will be assessing potential candidates on the following skills and attributes:

Strategic direction

Leadership engagement

Process excellence (continuous improvement efforts)

Product/service innovation

Employee involvement

Commitment to quality

Superior safety

Commitment to surpassing customer expectations

Change Management

15 years’ experience in Lean Six Sigma, Lean, Kaizen, change management, leadership, and strategic management skills are critical components that will be required for this position.