Jack Kingdon

Principal Consultant

Consumer Markets - Transformation


Jack joined Connexus Global with the clear vision to build a world class technology recruitment team that effectively delivers outstanding tech talent to clients across the Asia Pacific Region. 

Jack is passionate about helping our clients truly grow by having the best people in their business.


Prior to joining Connexus Global, Jack had 4 years of technology recruitment experience in the Thailand/APAC market, where he built and led specialist technology recruitment teams. He personally specialises in the Senior IT Exec & Project/Transformation markets, where he has developed extensive market knowledge and a strong network of quality talent. This has allowed him to provide outstanding service and results to both Thai and multi-national companies. 

Currently as head of the Technology division, he oversees a team which specialises in the following key verticals:

  • Senior IT Appointments 
  • IT Projects & Transformation 
  • Infrastructure & Cyber Security 
  • Data Analytics • Emerging Technologies

Fun Facts

Jack will travel any chance he gets, especially to the islands of Thailand!  Outside of work, you can find him in the gym or watching the reds (Man Utd!).

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