Hiring Trends

A New Generation of Consumer Markets

Covering macro trends in the sector, insights from industry leaders and a recently placed candidate, and recommendations for recruitment success from the Connexus Global team.


The forces currently reshaping consumer markets are well known. They include changing global demographics, supply chain volatility, digitally powered logistics management, home delivery of goods, an increased focus on ESG ideals, and several other trends affecting both supply and demand.

Less understood are the implications of these trends for industrial operations, and in particular for the talent required to run them. From product designers to marketers to logistics managers and more, a new generation of technically savvy, culturally aware leaders will be needed to guide consumer goods manufacturers through a delicate period of transformation.

Underlying this sector-wide analysis is the realisation that, in times of change, adaptability is the key to success. As Deloitte observes, “Profitable growth leaders [make] investments that will help them adapt to the demands of the changing consumer, including in direct-to-consumer platforms, product innovation, digital marketing, and analytics.” Such a transformation is especially challenging in this case, however, because “consumer products, as an industry, is based on stability and consistency.”

By highlighting the key needs of consumer markets businesses, we aim to bring current hiring needs into sharper focus, so that the essential tasks of rebuilding and refining operations can be completed with a minimum of friction. Following this analysis, we forecast future trends and suggest practical courses of action to meet the needs of tomorrow’s market.

It is not enough, after all, to react after each shift in the business environment; such strategies help companies endure changes but not capitalize on them. Major successes come from anticipating changes beforehand, positioning the business to catch opportunities as they arise, and actively riding each new wave toward ever greater heights.

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