As Consumer Behaviour Changes, How are Sales & Marketing Leaders Adapting?

Posted on March 4 , 2021. 

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Though COVID-19 vaccines have begun rolling out in SEA, ‘normal’ still feels like a faraway place. People continue taking precautions to maintain a safe environment both at home and work. More than a year of these concerns has led to real changes in consumer behaviour that are likely to outlast the pandemic itself. The convenience of e-commerce platforms as a way of obtaining goods, and social media to keep up with brands, has already gone a long way toward replacing more traditional habits.

The pandemic made widespread layoffs unavoidable, but accelerated commercial activity is starting to replace stagnation and a diverse field of employment options has opened up across sectors. Now more than ever, companies need to make wise strategic choices about their future, including the type of personnel they need to turn this strategy into a success. Their decisions and actions should reflect both the imminent market recovery and the new ways that consumer behaviour will make that recovery a reality.

Building a modern workforce

As people re-orient themselves into a post-pandemic world, they will settle into new habits that will eventually become more solidified. It is therefore imperative for commercial leaders throughout the Asia-Pacific region to act quickly, and devise an engaging approach to their sales & marketing efforts. As the demand for talent rises in this area, commercial leaders will soon find that recruiting a workforce with the relevant expertise is by no means a simple task.

In the area of sales & marketing, finding the right candidate can be a major obstacle for many companies across Asia-Pacific. Companies should adapt to current trends by either up-skilling their current labour pool or hiring a younger workforce made up of experts in e-commerce and social media. Fortunately in SEA, the talent is out there – and recruitment agencies like Connexus can help businesses identify candidates with the right skillsets, who are also a good cultural fit for the positions that need filling.

As the popular embrace of social media and e-commerce is here to stay, today’s sales & marketing departments should aim for prolonged workforce sustainability, either through targeted training or smart hiring. These efforts will help businesses make the most of their skilled employees moving forward.

Indeed, worker retention should be regarded as a priority right from the start. Candidates in these fields are very much aware of the increased demand for their skills, and any mishandling of their recruitment or onboarding processes could end up being costly. Many candidates inquire about succession plans when considering a position, and commercial leaders should take this fact into consideration as they prepare to bring aboard new talent.

As older methods of sales & marketing become less relevant, companies should also implement specialised training sessions for some of their existing staff members who have less digital experience. This training itself, of course, must be delivered by experts with a deep understanding of how positions like Country Sales Director, Digital Marketing Manager, and Regional Business Development Manager need to be handled in tomorrow’s economy.

How Connexus can help

As SEA’s markets prepare for a new wave of market growth, this new season of prosperity will not be enjoyed equally. Businesses that are able to build a team of skilled employees in a short time-frame, and use them wisely, will earn the lion’s share of profits in the coming months and years.

However, not all businesses – or even recruitment companies – specialise in industry-specific areas such as sales & marketing, or have access to the requisite talent network.

The experts at Connexus Global offer recruitment services for the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. We are especially well positioned to address the shift in consumer trends toward e-commerce applications and other emerging digital trends. We deliver regional value chain talent to corporations of all sizes, guiding our clients through the multitude of related issues they will face this year and into the future.

Planning and preparation are the most reliable keys to success. To get a head start on your talent needs for 2021 and beyond, contact Connexus today.

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