Medical Doctor – Integrative Oncology Clinic (BH-1791)

MEDICAL DOCTOR – Integrative Oncology Clinic

Key Responsibilities:

  • You will be responsible for attending to patients and for general assistance in relation to the business of the Company’s integrative oncology clinic.
  • You will work with our foreign Director, which would include seeing new and current patients, recommending appropriate courses of treatment, and ensuring they are in accordance with the clinic’s protocols.
  • You will ensure that Your consultations and interactions with the patients are in keeping with the aim of ensuring a successful patient treatment and relationship in the understanding that such interactions are part of the patient journey.
  • You will ensure that your completed consultation notes, rounding notes, and orders are kept and recorded in accordance with the clinic’s processes.
  • You must copy in the foreign Director and/or General Manager (as the case may be) any formal communications sent to patients, to keep a complete patient file and all communications for each patient.

Key qualifications

  • Must have the relevant qualifications preferably in the field of Internal Medicine, General Medicine, Oncology, and/or Integrative Medicine and valid medical licenses and/or permissions to carry out Your duties and responsibilities.

Thailand : Bangkok

Job type:



2,400,000 - 4,200,000 THB per annum


Medical & Nursing

posted date:

July 20, 2023

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