Navigating new horizons in the logistics inDUStry: Apac trends and talent outlook for 2024

A REport by Connexus Global

Exploring the critical challenges and emerging trends in APAC logistics for 2024, detailing their implications for talent acquisition and management, and offering strategic guidance for industry leaders to optimise their operations and foster growth in a rapidly evolving landscape. 


The trick to any profession is making it look easy, as Morgan Freeman once said. By that standard, logistics leaders face an almost uniquely troublesome path in the coming years. Whereas other sectors tend to feature controlled environments with limited sets of variables, logistics must additionally contend with everything from climate events, to international conflicts (economic and otherwise), to regulatory pressure on carbon emissions, and more — all in service of a growing global economy whose manufacturing hubs continue to multiply across new regions.

Yet as we will see, APAC’s logistics trajectory shows considerable promise, provided its leaders have the tools and knowledge base to deal with the unexpected. Recruitment strategy will therefore play a decisive role in the region’s logistics outlook moving forward.

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