Aisling Kelly

Operations Director

Centre of Excellence


Aisling is committed to putting the operational building blocks in place for when Connexus grows in our current locations and also enters new markets.


Prior to joining Connexus, Aisling worked in business banking for 9 years across Ireland and Australia. When she moved to Dubai, she turned to recruitment operations where she oversaw a global business spanning the UAE, USA, United Kingdom, Malta, and Singapore. There Aisling managed a corporate change project focused on Marketing, System Migration, developing SOPs for on-boarding, and government ordinances to name just a few.

Aisling then moved to Hong Kong and took up a similar role, initially looking after business operations in the country as well as Singapore and Thailand. Over time, her role developed into a more global position where she worked operationally on projects in the UK, Mexico, and the USA. Her role helped to streamline processes and operations so that the business was able to work in a more efficient and robust manner to best serve their customers’ needs.

Fun Facts

Outside of work, you will find Aisling chasing every sunset across the globe and trying out every new fitness class.

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