Clara Lim


Commodities & Renewables


Being able to work alongside co-workers with deep knowledge and expertise in their respective industries and functions is truly inspiring. I lead the Corporate Functions for Connexus Global’s Commodity Trading desk across APAC and aim to provide the best service and talent across Risk, Compliance, Legal and Finance. If you have hiring requirements, or are looking for talent insights, please feel free to reach out.


Clara holds a degree in History and enjoys learning about people and their world. She worked in an NGO and an E-commerce startup before joining Connexus Global to pursue a fulfilling career in recruitment.

Her sensitivity as well as her ability to grasp problems and solve them quickly have served her well as a recruiter. Clara is highly adaptable and curious. She has experience in Procurement (Consumer Industry) and she was promoted to Consultant within 7 months. She has since developed a knack for Corporate Functions within the Commodity Trading industry. 

Fun Facts 

She has touched and read a book from the John Anderson collection, published in the 17th century.

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