Elaine Chua

Group Financial Controller

Centre of Excellence


Elaine, in her role as the Group Financial Controller, envisions driving financial excellence and strategic growth within Connexus Global. She is committed to optimising financial operations, implementing robust financial strategies, and cultivating a culture of financial discipline within the organisation. With meticulous analysis and insightful decision-making, Elaine aims to steer the company towards sustainable success by ensuring optimal resource allocation and maximising profitability. She foresees utilising her expertise to navigate the dynamic recruitment landscape, align financial objectives with the company’s overarching mission, and contribute to the long-term prosperity of Connexus Global.


Having garnered a wealth of extensive financial auditing experience spanning over eight years during her tenure at KPMG in various global offices such as Singapore, Sydney, and London, Elaine made a transition into regional finance at Grab in Jan 2022. There, she played a pivotal role in shaping financial strategy and technical aspects within the Regional Finance team. Elaine’s professional journey stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication to continuous growth, financial prowess, and delivering significant contributions to the organisations she has been a part of.

Fun Facts

An avid explorer with a passion for travel and immersing in diverse cultures, Elaine finds joy in venturing into the unknown and experiencing the richness our world offers. When not on an adventure, you’ll find her in a boxing class or hitting the gym. Travel and embracing every moment—her mantra for an exciting and fulfilling life!

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