Rushit Shah

Business Director

Consumer & Industrial Markets


Rushit aims to be a global knowledge and value provider to industrial companies, trying to attract leaders with digital and transformative mindsets. In addition, Rushit would like to be a knowledge house of Market Trends regarding skill sets, technology, and processes.


Rushit has 18 years of end-to-end Executive Search experience across 40 countries and multiple industries. His Expertise is in Supply Chain, Procurement, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Sustainability.

In his current role at Connexus, he manages Supply Chain Management (SCM), Logistics, Procurement, Sustainability, Manufacturing, Regulatory, Quality, and Operations functions and caters to the global Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Aviation, High Tech, Industrial Equipment, and Medical Device industries.

Fun Facts 

Rushit is a chess and coffee addict and will always be up for a hike. A bit of a tree hugger, he is vegan, spiritual and philosophical.

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