Will Hartley

Learning and Organisational Development Director

Centre of Excellence


Will’s goal is to provide every member of the Connexus team with the most comprehensive professional development experience possible.

Whether it’s ongoing personal development with each team member, or closely guiding new joiners through their time in the Connexus Academy, Will and Connexus take learning and development seriously and invest heavily in its most important asset – its people!


Will’s background was initially in teaching and training, and then in 2014 he entered the executive recruitment business.

After 7 successful years specialising in retained search assignments across Indochina, and managing a team of 10, he moved back into the L&D function within recruitment.

He joined Connexus in 2022 and now combines his extensive experience in the industry, with a passion for people development to help drive our people and our brand on to further global success.

Fun Facts

He once crashed a motorbike 3 times in the same day. He used to write left-handed, and then for no reason changed to right-handed. He used to love collecting pointless things (over 300 different full fizzy drinks cans). He loves headphones and currently has more than 25 pairs.

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