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  • Career Advice for Procurement Leaders of the Future

    16 days ago

    Published by:Ben Mcdonald- Director - Supply Chain & Procurement, Singapore & Asia Growth MarketsTel:+65 9807 3174Email: ​​At Connexus Global we regularly liaise with business heads and thought leaders across the spectrum of business, finance, supply chain and procurement, and discuss the role of the procurement function, it’s futu...

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  • Supply Chain Talent Trends in 2021 and Beyond

    17 days ago

    ​Published by: James Egremont - Director Asia Pacific - Sourcing & Procurement, R&D, Manufacturing, Engineering and Operational Excellence, Supply Chain & Logistics, BangkokTel:+662026 8721,+66 6 5 604 0538Email:​As we enter Q2 2021, the post-pandemic future is slowly coming into view – and current trends already shed consider...

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    Container Shipping And Logistics
  • As Consumer Behaviour Changes, How are Sales & Marketing Leaders Adapting?

    24 days ago

    Published by: Patrick Donovan - Principal Consultant - Sales & Marketing, Bangkok Tel:+66 2026 8721, +66 6 5620 9842Email:​​Though COVID-19 vaccines have begun rolling out in SEA, ‘normal’ still feels like a faraway place. People continue taking precautions to maintain a safe environment both at home and work. More than a year of these ...

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    Data Science Predict Consumer Behaviour During Pandemic
  • Increasing Demand for Semiconductor Talent in Asia - Pacific

    2 months ago

    Published by: Jane Chu - Principal Consultant - Technology, SingaporeTel: +65 8375 0482 Email: ​One of the most important drivers of the world economy, the semiconductor industry is also among the most complex in terms of manufacturing. While this sector has long been dominated by the West, businesses in Asia-Pacific are rapidly building thei...

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    Best Semiconductor Stocks 1020
  • Hiring challenges and opportunities in South-East Asia

    3 months ago

    ​As the COVID-19 crisis shows no signs of slowing, countries and companies worldwide are realising the need to balance and diversify their supply chains. While Chinese supply chains will continue to play a major role, relying on these alone has proven to be untenable. Many multinational corporations are looking to move at least some of their production bases south of China i...

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  • Top talent: the key to successful smart manufacturing

    3 months ago

    ​The global smart manufacturing market is expected to grow from $181.3 billion in 2020 to $220.4 billion by 2025. COVID-19 has temporarily slowed the expansion of smart manufacturing. But the pandemic will ultimately serve as a catalyst, accelerating the sector’s growth in the coming years. ​Businesses around the world are looking for ways to digitize and strengthen their m...

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  • ​What paths could take your procurement career to the next level?

    3 months ago

    Published by: Ben Mcdonald- Director - Supply Chain & Procurement, Singapore & Asia Growth Markets Tel: +65 9807 3174Email:​​A career in Procurement is unique and rewarding, drawing on and developing an extremely broad range of skills – resulting in teams of highly versatile, skilled, and ambitious individuals continually seeking new...

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  • Singapore Procurement market reviews and 2021 outlook

    3 months ago

    Published by: Ben Mcdonald - Director - Supply Chain & Procurement, Singapore & Asia Growth Markets Tel: +65 9807 3174Email:​In my 15 years recruiting in the Procurement space, I have always found this market to be more resilient than other functions in an economic downturn. While almost every sector was hampered by COVID-19 during 2...

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  • What is Industry 4.0 and how will it impact recruitment?

    3 months ago

    Published by: Aom Sirinun - Reserch Project Recruitment Manager Tel: +34 483 496835Email:​​How we produce and manufacture products is changing fast. Digital technologies are quickly being implemented across the board, creating smart factories in a movement coined as Industry 4.0. But what is Industry 4.0 and how will it affect recruitment in ...

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  • How are changes to the Singapore Employment Pass (EP) affecting the procurement market?

    3 months ago

    Published by: Ben Mcdonald- Director - Supply Chain & Procurement, Singapore & Asia Growth Markets Tel: +65 9807 3174Email:​​In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, some minor restrictions have been implemented in Singapore affecting the issuance of employment passes. This is causing some concern amongst the business sector, but don’t fea...

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  • Biofuels and Hydrogen: The Future of the Energy Trading Business?

    3 months ago by Jenny Mongkhonthiranun

    ​Published by: Henri Moore - Principal Consultant - Energy Trading, Singapore Tel:+65 6589 5030Email:​As part of a cleaner path forward for business, the move toward renewable energy means incorporating green solutions like biofuels and hydrogen. Biofuels are produced from agricultural plants and waste, and emit less pollution compared to t...

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    Corn Biofuels
  • Human capital: the key to sustainable ASEAN value chains

    4 months ago

    ​Published by: Matt Hill - Business Director - Food, Beverage & Nutrition, Singapore Tel:+65 6589 5030Email:​Human capital: the key to sustainable ASEAN value chainsThe agricultural sector is the backbone of many ASEAN countries and a key source of income for their populations. But the industry faces challenges, specifically a lack of c...

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